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Preveli Monastery is situated 12km west to KALYPSO CRETAN VILLAGE and is a sacred site, a place of worship and a symbol of freedom which is highly regarded on the island.

In the Monastery is kept the Benediction Cross with a little piece of the True Cross at the base. The Benediction cross is impressive; its long history provides inspiration to pilgrims and is considered beneficial to the soul and the body. Pilgrims describe their contact with the Cross as a blessed experience that brings inner peace, comfort and calmness. Thousands of votive offerings can be seen near the Cross given by pilgrims who were healed because of their faith with the help of the Benediction Cross.

When you visit the area make sure you visit the monastery and you drink water from the fountain that bears an inscription asking you to wash not only your face but also your soul. Don’t miss the chance to see the collection of religious objects in the newly renovated museum.