Agios Antonios

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Church of Agios Antonios Patsos

It is located in the Amari area, 1km away from the village of Patsos and almost 28 km from KALYPSO CRETAN VILLAGE.

Walk along a path with rocks, small waterfalls and big plane trees that leads to the cave church of Agios Antonios.

Visit this peaceful place where people come to relax, light a candle and pray to Saint Anthony for protection and strength in difficult situations.

You will find little pieces of paper stuck into cracks in the rocks around the little church with messages from people who ask the saint a favour or thank him for helping them during a difficult time or even written prayers to make their wishes come true.

Outside of the chapel there are crutches for walking offered by those who had walking difficulties and were healed, showing their gratitude to the saint.

This used to be a spiritual place in Antiquity; an altar can still be seen next to the little church. Minoan religion celebrated the fertility of nature and its seasonal cycle.

Archaeologists have also found a stone inscription dating from the 1st century AD dedicated to Hermes Cranaios. In historical Crete Hermes occurs as a god of animals and fertility.

It still remains a power place where you can find your inner self surrounded by lush greenery and rough rocks, listening to the sound of the water and watching the sunlight playing hide and seek with the tree leaves.

Patsos gorge is another amazing experience not to miss.