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We cross small rivers while hiking. You need to swim well and be in good shape.

Equipment: hiking shoes to protect your ankles, neoprene socks, waterproof backpack, helmet, knee braces and elbow support, a 20 m safety rope and sunglasses.

Hiking Trails

  1. It starts from Preveli Bridge (Megas Potamos - Great River). There is free transfer for Kalypso Cretan Village Resort & Spa guests, 10’ from Kalypso. Through Preveli Gorge and an exotic palm grove, we reach the wonderful beach “Preveli Lake” in 3-4 hours. You’ll find imposing tropical nature.

    Back to PLAKIAS by little ship or car.

  2. It starts from the village of Mixorouma. 20’ from Kalypso. We cross a river surrounded by native plants and we pass through old abandoned watermills, churches and the village itself.

    We get in the stunning gorge of MESA FARAGI by walking next to and inside the river. We reach Preveli Bridge and we continue to walk along or across the river, through Preveli Gorge. We end up at the palm grove of Preveli and to a beach called “Preveli Lake” in 5-6 hours.

    Along this historical trail you will find tropical gorgeous nature.

    We come back to the hotel by little ship to Plakias or by car.