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Bicycling Around Plakias

Mountain bicycling is combined with the particularity of Kalypso and the wider area of Plakias with the wonderful beaches as long as the imposing mountains. Guests can supply their mountain bicycles from Kalypso Cretan Village Resort & Spa 4* and take a tour, as is the following around Kalypso and the wider area of Plakias.

Route around Kalypso includes some of the most beautiful beaches of Creta like Damnoni, Ammoudi, Souda of Plakias and other smallers, besides to high mountains with huge view and mild climate. From Kalypso we are bicycling to the coastal road (4km) and we are crossing the beautiful beaches of Damnoni and Amoudi (4km) and we continue through a forest of olive trees, passing the picturesque villages Lefkogia and Gianniou, we arrive to the historical and impressive Monastery PREVELI with huge view to the sea (7km). After a small break we sholve from an asphalt road between a forest of olives trees and we arrive to Mega river to the Byzantine bridge where a coffee break beside the river is revitalizing us (4km) and continuing the asphalt road (4km) we arrive to the picturesque village Asomatos where we can visit the Museum of traditional tools and the pottery workshop.

From Asomatos between woody vegetation and beside to running water and huge view to the sea, we pass beside the picturesque village Mariou and arrive to the traditional village Mirthios (5km asphalt and earth road) where we have a break with soft drinks enjoying the impressive view of the area and the sea, and continue through the imposing gorge of Kotsifos, the asphalt road up to traditional village Sellia (5km) where we can visit laboratories of popular art (pottery workshop and jewels) the local culture museum and the admirable church of Virgin Mary. We sholve an asphalt road (4,5km) up to a rare beauty beach with self-sown palms, SOUDA where we can swim and to have lunch time. From Souda starts our return besides the sea in an asphalt road (8km) passing from the centre of the developed turistic area, PLAKIAS where we can have a short guiding and to buy something we need.

Bicycling Around Plakias Map

Bicycling Around in Kotsyfos & Kourtaliotis Gorge

Starting from Kalypso through the ‘Kotsifos’ gorge you have the chance to have the most original cup of local herbal tea in Kanevos (480 m ). Then cycling for about 14kms through the picturesque green valley of Agios Vasilios (the heart of agricultural activities of the area. There will be a combination of asphalt and rural roads through olive groves with very old olive trees, small oak forests, farms and vineyards. On arrival at the historic village of Koxare, 10mins stop at Mr Dimitris’ old kafenion for a raki or coffee and a chance to learn some facts about its history and to get a photo with the old people.

Cycling for another 5 km of a very pleasant smooth downhill ride we will arrive at the impressive gorge of Kourtaliotis where we will park our bikes and prepare for the trek towards the springs at the bottom of the gorge. We will hear interesting facts and stories about the wild bird- life of this habitat ( e.g Golden Eagle ) from our guide who has specialized in bird watching and protection in this area for many years. The descent towards the springs through bushes of wild oregano and thyme is an unforgettable experience. Arriving at the springs most people enjoy a super bath and a natural Jacuzzi. With all this rejuvenating energy from the springs we will climb up tο our bicycles .We will cycle the last 1 and a half kilometers to exit the gorge with the view of Preveli valley in front of us and then as we turn we face the only kilometer of gradual uphill ride which is very easy to cross with our Shimano equipped bicycles and the assistance of our guides who will always cycle next to you.

On arrival to the village of Asomatos we will park our bikes and walk in the narrow streets of this tiny village before we arrive at the folk museum of Papa Michalis, an oasis of green vegetation which hides and reveals objects and documents of Greek cultural tradition, gathered aimlessly for many years by this living legend. You will also have the chance to see a young local ceramist who keeps a very old tradition of pottery making and you may also buy the pure organic local olive oil from the producer.