Where nature inspires,
helps and contributes
on all levels of

Man has to get acquainted with all obstacles within him in order to be able to overcome them and set himself free.

In the north of Crete at the KARAVOS location, right in the heart of the Mediterranean, God has chiseled those obstacles, into tall hung-above-the-sea-abyss rocks, and 150,000 years later people have shaped the KALYPSO CRETAN VILLAGE forming hospitable grounds to accommodate, feed, communicate and perform natural activity.

It is there that the humanistic organization CRETAN ZEUS administrators see that guests in all peace and ecstasy, revive their inner self through the instructions of masters-mystics.

When we depart, ready to move to the next life, our heart is the only remainder in this place.

Here in the heart of the Mediterranean and in our hearts FOR EVER.


KARAVOS Coast is a natural park, where vertical suspended rocks, insulate a private strategic place to observe the middle of the Mediterranean sea, and form a fiord in the sea...

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The good energy in CRETAN ZEUS creates a positive mood; using special techniques and exercises in this unique natural environment, we feel better both physically and mentally. And then we understand how we should treat ourselves.

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The unique location of CRETAN ZEUS and VASSO Spa Center inside the spacious facilities of KALYPSO CRETAN VILLAGE make it the ideal place to organise seminars and workshops on self-improvement and on bringing harmony and joy to your everyday life.

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Cultural Seminars

Host your seminar or event in one of our available rooms and outdoor spaces.

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In KALYPSO CRETAN VILLAGE RESORT & SPA 4* all friends of nature can enjoy various outdoor activities to discover nature in the area. These activities are organised by the hotel group and professional instructors.

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